Mission Files for Trieres.


Each mission in the Trieres game is defined by a 'mission' file (typically with the extension ".mis").

These are simple text files that are stored in the 'missions' directory.


A mission file consists of a number of 'records'. Each record consists of a keyword followed by a bracketed set of commands - one to a line.

eg. This is an enemy ship record:

     NAME       "1st Athenian Squadron"
     SHIP_TYPE  "Fast Athenian Trieres"
     NUM_SHIPS  30
     POSITION   0 0
     HEADING    180

To aid readability, you can use blank lines and have comments that start with a '#' character. All symbols can be in upper, lower or mixed case (although for clarity, they are always in UPPERCASE throughout this document).

You can have as many of each kind of record as you like (although in the case of the 'EYEPOINT' record, only the last one in the file will be used).

There are currently four kinds of record:

ENEMY and FRIEND records.

Both kinds of record consist of the same set of commands:

ISLAND records.

Each record positions a single island or other landscape feature. Commands allowed within this record are:

EYEPOINT record.

This record tells the game where to place your eyepoint (the 'camera') at the start of the mission.

Commands allowed within this record are:


Use this record if you want to use ship performance data other than the default settings.

There is only one command allowed in this record:

Starting a Mission.

Normally, you start Trieres with the 'trieres' command and pick missions from the menu. However, for testing, it's more convenient to use the underlying 'start_trieres' command with the name of the mission file on the command line.

   start_trieres my_mission.mis

Alternatively, you can add your mission to the mission menu by appending it's name to the 'missions/missions.dat' file. This consists of nothing more than a list of filenames and a description of the mission as a single line of text in double-quotes:


   my_mission.mis  "A mission I just wrote"
   naupactus2.mis  "The Battle of Naupactus II"
   cyzicus_A.mis   "The Defense of Cyzicus (you play Mindarus)"
   cyzicus_B.mis   "The Defense of Cyzicus (you play Alcibiades)"