Performance Files for Trieres.


The ships in Trieres can have varying performance data. This allows us to set the performance of 'fast trieres' versus slow ones and allow for differences in crew experience, ship maintenance and even for whether they have masts and sails on board, or are carrying marines or cavalry.

The default set of performance data is in 'missions/default.per' - but each mission can choose a different performance data file.

These are simple text files that are stored in the 'missions' directory with the '.per' extensions.


A performance file consists of a number of 'records'. Each record consists of a keyword followed by a bracketed set of commands - one to a line.

eg. This is a typical performance record:

     NAME                        "Fast Athenian Trieres"
     CRUISE_SPEED                5kts
     RAM_SPEED                   9kts
     BACKWATER_SPEED             3kts
     SAIL_SPEED                  30%
     ACCELLERATION_RATE          0.1g
     DECELLERATION_RATE          0.2g
     SAILING_TURN_RATE           1deg/s
     STEERING_OAR_TURN_RATE      3deg/s
     FAST_TURN_RATE              5deg/s
     SPIN_TURN_RATE              10deg/s
     HAS_SAILS_ON_BOARD          No

Entries that are missing are filled in from the first SHIP_TYPE record - which should always have the NAME field set to "default".

To aid readability, you can use blank lines and have comments that start with a '#' character. All symbols can be in upper, lower or mixed case (although for clarity, they are always in UPPERCASE throughout this document).

You can have as many of SHIP_TYPE record as you like (although only the first one of them can have the name "default").

SHIP_TYPE records.

These consist of lines taken from the following set of commands: